Welcome to the Deco blog! This series celebrates entrepreneurs, creatives, business leaders, and other influencers who are making an impact in Long Beach. These amazing people share their inspiring stories in their own voice, and give a personal perspective on what makes our community such a great place to work, live and play.


Today we’re talking to Nadie Geller, President of Nadia Geller Designs, an award-winning interior design firm that specializes in crafting interiors for the real estate, hospitality, and commercial property community. Nadia created the exceptional interior design for Deco, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to live by the water.


Please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am an artist by nature and my main hobby as a child was creating art. I loved spaces, homes, wallpaper, pillows and rearranging spaces as a child. After the long journey of deciding what to do with all my creative energy, I landed on interior design and I was home. In my early 20s I worked extremely hard. When I didn’t have clients that could pay, I had to work other jobs to make ends meet while my business was taking off. I took risks, but I did them strategically. I started with one job and continued to grow, one new client at a time.


Tell us about your interior design concept for Deco. What was your theme and inspiration?
442’s interior design concept was based on casual luxury and living near the ocean. We studied old photographs and posters and drew inspiration from the vintage color palettes and patterns.


What is your personal design philosophy? Do you have a muse? What are your influences?
I love balanced color, a sense of whimsy, great proportions, functional usage, and unique perspectives in an interior space. I feel we have created a great space when we incorporate all of these things. I have many muses, but I tend to be inspired mostly by nature, fashion and artwork. I am influenced by many entrepreneurs and business leaders. I am not the first person who has run a business, been a designer, mom, boss, etc., and I will absorb as much experience and knowledge as I can from those who wish to share with me.


It’s great to pursue your passion, but we know it’s not always easy. Tell us about your challenges and successes.
I constantly challenge myself to see situations and life from a different perspective. I always tend to rectify a challenging situation when I can put myself in someone else’s shoes and act with kindness. When I reflect on the results of something I am not happy with, I try and own up to my part in the situation and shift my point of view for the next go. Growing is painful. My company is 15 years strong, I have a wonderful team, I am very proud of the many spaces we have created, and thankful to do what I love everyday.


What are you most proud of as a company, and what sets you apart?
Our core leadership is female and we strive for work/life balance. What sets us apart is our drive, vision, hustle, and team mentality.


Let’s get out the crystal ball – what does the future hold and what are your next steps?
One of my personal mantra’s is to live in the present. If my future is like my today, I will be happy and successful. I am planting seeds for my future and my goals at the moment are to continue the work I am currently doing at Nadia Geller Designs and enjoying my free time when I have it.


If you lived in a parallel universe, what would you be doing?
The exact same thing I am doing right now.


What do you love about Long Beach? Do you have a favorite neighborhood? What do you enjoy doing when you are there?
I love many things about Long Beach. Because I work with a lot of furniture, the port is very important to me. I love the look of containers stacked on each other and the large cranes. I stayed in the Queen Mary and really enjoyed that. What a beautiful ship! I have been to many work conventions and have enjoyed my time dining at Shoreline Village.


Concept Artwork by Nadia Geller


Interior Material Collage by Nadia Geller



Business Address: 3410 West Burbank Boulevard Burbank, CA  91506

Website: www.nadiageller.com

Email: info@nadiageller.com

Facebook: @nadiagellerdesigns

Instagram: @nadiagellerdesigns


Photo credit for Nadia Geller portrait: Theo & Juliet Photography