WRAPPED Fine Art provides museum-quality works of custom art for the residential, corporate, financial, and hospitality industries. The artwork is brought to life by a highly skilled and incredibly talented team of in-house artists, working in a complete range of styles and media. Work produced at WRAPPED Fine Art graces the homes of royal families and prestigious collectors, and can be found on the walls of some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive properties.

WRAPPED created the extraordinary artwork on display at Deco, setting the mood for the luxury, designer living experience that younger tenants are looking for.


Please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Fellow co-founder Ryland and I met as freshmen at Pomona College. We formed an instant friendship and determined early in our college careers that we wanted to go into business together upon graduating with degrees in economics. I’ve had an interest in architecture since I was a young child and wanted to incorporate my passion for design into the business. Ryland, a lifelong artist, is the son of painter Charles Arnoldi. He grew up in an art studio, mixing paints, stretching canvases, and creating works of art since he was a very young child. Ry and I agreed that art and design had to be the core foundation of the company that eventually evolved into WRAPPED Studios. We spent a year after college traveling around the world, studying different cultures and traditions. We’re avid surfers, outdoorsmen and adventurers, sharing a quintessential California aesthetic that evolved with travel and time to encompass an international sensibility. We came home from our travels, rolled up our sleeves, and built WRAPPED Studios.  


Tell us about your artistic concept for Deco. What was your approach and inspiration?

We teamed with the client to bring the history of Long Beach to life. We took the evolving neighborhood, proximity to the shore, and historic pier all into consideration. Ultimately, we created artwork that is a tribute to the landscape over the years. Through abstract interpretations of the scenic coastline, pier, and beachgoers, the environment at Deco becomes more engaging and impactful for tenants and guests alike. 


What is your personal artistic philosophy? Do you have a favorite artist? What are your influences?

WRAPPED is a studio that merges the traditional world of visual arts with cutting edge technology to create compelling original works. Our site-specific works are designed to deliver an immersive experience, while exploring the crossover between art and technology. Drawing upon the culture, architecture, and identity of the space, our custom artwork strives to complement the people living and interacting with it on a daily basis. By embracing the newest technologies, tools and mediums, we aim to create original and compelling artwork that brings joy and wonder into the everyday experience, democratizing the experience of fine art. Some favorite artists who share a similar approach include Wade Guyton, Gerhard Richter and Damien Hirst.


It’s great to pursue your passion, but we know it’s not always easy. Tell us about your challenges and successes.

I think we serve a very specialized niche catering to high-end, design-focused clients. Lots of developers are not as focused on the aesthetics of a project, so when we first started working with Ensemble, we were thrilled that they put such a high value on the art and design that goes into each of their projects.


What are you most proud of as a company, and what sets you apart?

As part of the next generation of art consultants, our progressive process transforms a client’s vision into a dynamic, tailored and installed art plan. While our patent pending process lends itself to spectacularly massive art installations and videos, the highly custom nature of our business ensures each space in a property is inhabited by artwork that is perfectly suited for it. From static artwork on canvas, aluminum, or under glass, to licenses for textiles and carpets; experiential/way-finding artwork expressed by hand-painted murals and wall coverings; and  video artwork for screens as small as a TV to the length of a football field; WRAPPED Studios creates artwork that is as contagious as it is pedigreed.


Let’s get out the crystal ball – what does the future hold and what are your next steps?

With the explosion of LED screens in buildings and on city streets all over the world, the age of digital/video art has truly arrived. Moving forward, we’re particularly excited about creating vibrant, dynamic, hi-resolution video artwork in the WRAPPED tradition of unparalleled quality and innovation. Our work is site-specific, formatted to fill LED screens and other digital installations with our unique attention to detail and revolutionary designs.


If you lived in a parallel universe, what would you be doing?

Living my best life as a bulldog!


What do you love about Long Beach? Do you have a favorite neighborhood? What do you enjoy doing when you’re there?

I love that you can simultaneously connect with the history of Long Beach while also watching it’s transformation when you’re there. As a company with roots in Southern California, it’s a pleasure working on a project that hits close to home, not only in proximity, but also in artistic direction. Downtown Long Beach is definitely a favorite neighborhood because it encapsulates the heart of Long Beach and is at the center of the city’s transformation. Another favorite is Belmont Shore, a quaint and quintessential SoCal beach town.




All images courtesy of WRAPPED Fine Art


Contact Info: Jen Mehranvary or Sam Seidman

Business Address: 333 Indiana Ave. Venice CA 90291

Website:  wrappedla.com 

Email: jen@wrappedla.com or sam.seidman@wrappedla.com

Instagram: @wrappedla

Facebook: @wrappedLA

Twitter: @WrappedLA


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